Classic John Stossel Episode
What Did Roe v. Wade Cost the Economy?Listen now (4 min) | By losing 63 million lives over the last 49 years, the U.S. economy lost $279 trillion dollars. GDP per capita losses were…
Can he do for electricity what he's done for rockets and cars?
From 1856 to 1981 men in the U.K. got 174,720 more hours to enjoy life while incomes rose 383 percent.
There's no sentiment more implicitly genocidal.
Explaining the relationship between resources and population
$360 Billion Worth of Books on Sale for $70Listen now (2 min) | Google has over 10 million free books to read and download.
Elon Musk on PeopleWatch now (44 sec) | I’ve got to practice what I preach.
Jordan Peterson One SentenceWatch now (3 min) | Don't be thinking your ambition is corrupt.
All Hail to the $1.50 Costco Hot Dog and Soda ComboListen now (2 min) | It’s been $1.50 since 1985
Utonga is 2.5 times richer than TongaListen now (1 min) | Trading sun and sand for snow and skiing makes Tongans over 13 times richer.