Explaining the relationship between resources and population
$360 Billion Worth of Books on Sale for $70Listen now (2 min) | Google has over 10 million free books to read and download.
Elon Musk on PeopleWatch now (44 sec) | I’ve got to practice what I preach.
Jordan Peterson One SentenceWatch now (3 min) | Don't be thinking your ambition is corrupt.
All Hail to the $1.50 Costco Hot Dog and Soda ComboListen now (2 min) | It’s been $1.50 since 1985
Utonga is 2.5 times richer than TongaListen now (1 min) | Trading sun and sand for snow and skiing makes Tongans over 13 times richer.
Cordless Drills on Sale: Buy One, Get 41.8 FreeListen now | Since 1961 when they were first introduced, the time price of a cordless drill has fallen by 97.7 Percent
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